Online therapy

In these challenging times, we’ve all needed to find new ways of relating, of coping, of staying safe.

Online or telephone psychotherapy sessions are most certainly not the same as meeting in person. For some, it is a bridge too far. For others, it can be surprisingly helpful and meaningful.

If you are interested in starting a course of psychotherapy through the medium of video calling, you’ll need to ensure that you have regular access to a private, confidential space, and either decent broadband for your computer, or a good quality 4G signal. Headphones really help ensure good communication.

Online working in this way requires a mutual commitment to the ritual of creating a reflective space. When this crisis is over, then the work could continue face-to-face in Capel Street.

If you think that a course of psychotherapy would be of help to you now, then please get in touch with either José or Dermod and we will get back to you to discuss how it could work.