Diary of a Man


ISBN: 0954551680


“This book floored me. It is extraordinary.” Terry Prone

“Compelling.” Joe Jackson, Sunday Independent

“Stylishly written… impossible not to be impressed by its raw honesty.” Andrew Lynch, Evening Herald

“The significance of these illuminating and often beautifully written essays cannot be underestimated.” Maura O’Kiely, Sunday Tribune

“A beautifully written book that is unswervingly honest, affecting and relevant.” Sunday Business Post

“Unusual intelligence and heartfelt urgency… these pieces abound in humour that is at all times sober, considered, loving and never in the least trivial, or trivialising… A remarkable chronicle of the inner life of an emotionally responsible and fearlessly emotional – and thus truly manly – contemporary queer commentator.” Michael Wynne, Gay Community News

Diary of a Man explores the various stages of loneliness to magnificent effect.” Peter Murphy, Hot Press

Psychotherapist DERMOD MOORE’s unsparing dissection of the modern gay man makes for tough but ultimately rewarding reading.
…though Moore may have written these columns as a form of therapy, they address many of the perils and strains of modern life with a disarming but compassionate truthfulness. Wayne Clews, Attitude

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