Here is some of the lovely feedback I’ve received from the first “Creativity for Caretakers” course.

“I signed up for a course but undertook a journey! That journey, in the company of Dermod and the other group members, brought me to a place of greater understanding of my own needs. It also gave me the tools to carve out a safe space on a regular basis where I can continue to nurture myself. It has helped begin a new phase in my life”. Stephanie

“I have done many similar courses however this was at a much deeper level which happened organically and gently and as a result I have taken a few very BIG steps…I didn’t have to consciously work on my progress which is my usual way on a course of this nature. Something happened at a much deeper level and somewhat unconsciously, in a very gently non judgemental way for me” Vera McEvoy

“This is a wonderful course and Dermod is the safest pair of therapeutic/ facilitation hands I have ever come across. I trusted his guidance and direction throughout and without a moment’s doubt or questioning. Do yourself a favour, sign up today. Life-changing is too modest an assessment.” jmk

“I found the whole experience to be very nourishing and I believe will be a pivotal moment for me in my life. Through the course, I got to meet parts of myself that I have ignored and paid little attention to; and through that I have been able to invite them in more, understand them more and embrace them more. Thanks Dermod.”  –  Participant in the first Creativity Course

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