Dermod Moore

Psychotherapist and SupervisorDermod Moore

Dermod Moore MA, MIAHIP, SIAHIP, UKCP  is a psychotherapist, supervisor, and trainer of students of psychotherapy. He was also an actor (with the Abbey, in the eighties), a Speech and Drama teacher, and was a columnist for Hot Press magazine for 18 years. A collection of his articles was published in 2005, Diary of a Man. He lived in London for fifteen years, where he trained as a psychosynthesis psychotherapist. On returning to live in his native Dublin in 2006, he has largely immersed himself in working as a therapist, supervisor and teacher, which he enjoys very much.


He runs occasional workshops and courses in Dublin city centre. Some great feedback from participants can be viewed here.

Visit, for further information on the psychosexualtherapy work he’s doing, and for news of any upcoming psychosynthesis courses coming up in Ireland,

About Dermod

He was chairperson of the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy, IAHIP from 2014-2016. He has taught at the Dublin Business School, The Tivoli Institute, and Turning Point, all in Dublin. He travels to London regularly to teach students of counselling and therapy at the Psychosynthesis Trust. He is a psychosexual therapist, working with individuals and couples, and holds workshops on sexuality and gender for psychotherapists.


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For information about his supervision practice, see here.